Thursday, January 12, 2012

Virginia Beach Restaurant Week Jan15-22

Next week is 2012's Virginia Beach Restaurant Week with some of the city's top restaurants offering three course dinners at either $20.12 or $27.12. Two course lunches are also featured at only $10.12. Locals and visitors alike will take advantage of the special restaurant prices to enjoy their favorite chef's offerings.

Bring your rod and reel and stay two nights in Barclay Cottage Bed and Breakfast Sun-Thurs at our Rockfishing Special rate - save even more while exploring the Beach's gastronomic delights and getting in a little fishing. (As always, we'll package and freeze your catch for taking home.)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seafari Package Boat Trip Sightings

Our weekend guests here on our Seafari Package got a real treat when they went out on their Winter Wildlife Boat Trip, which is part of the package. They saw four whales off the Cape Henry Lighthouses and a pod of dolphin while motoring along the beach.

The afternoon trip started with spotting a seal on the jetty rocks as they came out of Rudy Inlet. After watching him play for awhile, and fish for his lunch, they looked to the sky. The birds put on a show - pelicans, seagulls, and Gannetts with 6 foot wingspans were all diving into masses of baitfish. As they headed north along the beach to Cape Henry, they encountered a pod of dolphin who played in the boat's bow wave and wake. This was unusual as typically it is too cold at this time of year for the dolphin, and by December they have already headed south. Once the boat reached Cape Henry a total of 4 whales were encountered. The birds never stopped diving and feeding the whole time they were out.

(c) Virginia Aquarium

Here are some pictures of whales encountered on the New Year Winter Wildlife Boat Trip.

(c) Virginia Aquarium (c) Virginia Aquarium