Saturday, January 9, 2010


Restaurant Week is back to Virginia Beach!  Go ahead.  March to a different drummer. Take a few days off the fast track right in the middle of winter and during the week.  (OK, if you can't get time off, come on the weekend!) and sample some of the very best cuisine in Virginia.  Virginia Beach Restaurant Week  gives all of us "gastronomes" (a/k/a "foodies") the opportunity to enjoy Virginia Beach's premier locals' favorite, upscale restaurants at prices that will make your wallet think that someone made an addition error! (Dinner $20.10 or $25.10 and Lunch $10.10)  Let us make your reservation at a different participating restaurant for each night of your stay and enjoy the special showcase menues that have been specially prepared for this annual event. 

We are offering discounted room rates for this event.

Lillian's Lighthouse or Alice's Room   
          Sun-Thurs  only $90.00 / night  regular $115.00
          Fri & Sat. $105.00 / night   regular $135.00

Garden or Shore Room
            Sun-Thurs only $75.00  / night  regular $95.00
            Fri & Sat  only 85.00 / night   regular $110.00

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