Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Barclay Cottage Guests Leave Beach for Home

Here's an e-mail with pictures we received from some of our recent guests . . . .

Hi Steve and Marie-Louise,

We just wanted to say thanks again for a wonderful weekend away! Thank you also for allowing us to check in late on Thursday - it was so much nicer than staying in a hotel that first night! We really appreciated all your recommendations for things to do and places to eat, and the delicious breakfasts, as well as the company at breakfast, made our time away special. It was a perfect, relaxing break before all the chaos of the holiday season. I've attached a couple pictures of the good old-fashioned Minnesota winter weather that welcomed us home.

Rich and Barb

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

During your stay at Barclay Cottage visit Virginia's First Landing State Park

Barclay Cottage Bed and Breakfast is only 10 miles from the trail center of First Landing State Park.  Here are a few pictures of the Bald Cypress Trail.  Note the Spanish Moss hanging from the Cypress trees - it does not grow any further north than Virginia Beach. 

The Bald Cypress Trail is an interpretive nature trail for which one may purchase a Bald Cypress Trail Guide.  There are wooden posts in the ground with numbers and letters on them that correspond to the numbered and lettered sections of the Guide.  The Guide explains what flora and fauna may be seen at certain stops along the trail, and describes historical and geological events that shaped the park area. 

In 1997, the remains of 64 Chesapeake Indians were buried at First Landing.  The remains had been unearthed at several sites in the Great Neck area and kept in storage in Richmond.  Present at the re-burial ceremony were representatives of Virginia's eight recognized tribes and tribes from many other parts of  the country.  The burial ground and a small Indian encampment may be visited.

Across Shore Drive from the entrance to the First Landing State Park Trail area, is another section of the park which abuts the Chesapeake Bay.  The park offices and the Chesapeake Bay Center are located here.  The Center has a wet lab, and displays maintained by the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center.  There are also displays that describe settlement of the area by native Indians and English settlers. A wooden walkway leads over the fragile dunes and down to the beach below.  One may watch the ships entering and leaving the Chesapeake Bay, fishermen tending their weirs, and many shore birds.  This is one of Laura Fagin's  favorite places!

Join Us!

Experience a Virginia Beach sunrise in November (they're pretty much the same all year round).   Maybe you'll get to see the marvelous colors as we did last week!