Monday, May 18, 2009

Lost Least Bittern

Imagine our surprise to come outside one morning and see this character on our second story porch!

He stuck around the entire day, just hanging out on the porch, and hiding in one of the Crepe Myrtle trees when our guests wandered onto the porches just before breakfast.

Least Bitterns are very shy shore birds and tend to be found (with difficulty) in reeds and grasses in tidal wetlands. Their coloration allows them to blend in perfectly with the grasses, and when startled, they look straight up - allowing their heads and bodies to form one long silouette, and their brown striped colors to mimic their surroundings.

He obviously knew that he was being watched as he continually stretched his neck and body to be parallel to the branches in which he was perched. Don't think we would have noticed him if he stayed in the Myrtles and hadn't been perched on the porch.

Later in the day, we got these photos of one of our neighborhood mockingbirds.

Bye the way, our little Christmas Robin fledged and has stuck around all spring. We think he is the one responsible for the new nest in our Camelia bush on the Arctic Avenue side of the Cottage.