Saturday, March 21, 2009


Shamrock Marathon Weekend got off to a good start...Saturday early (6:00 am) carb load breakfast for our runners in the 8K - we had four - a husband & wife team and a brother and sister. The rest of our guests slept in 'til the regular breakfast hour at 9:00.

As usual, we took pictures of our runners - here are a couple from the 8K

Sunday dawned bright and clear, with no wind to slow our runners down. The whole Cottage was up by 5:30 to nosh some fruit, bagels and English muffns. Of the four guests who ran the 8K on Saturday, two were running the Marathon and two the Half Marathon (working on their Whale and Dolphin pins and standings). They were joined by two more guests for the Marathon and one for the Half Marathon. After driving them to the Starting Line, Steve returned the car to the Cottage and picked up his camera for more shots of our guests. A few are shown below - - - -


After the race, our runners returned to Barclay Cottage for a full breakfast of fruit and sweet breads, Spanikopita, broccoli quiche, sweet potato bisquits, and breakfast meats (or veggie substitutes) coffee, juice, etc. Steve retreived their official times and presented each person with his or her picture and time printout. Breakfast conversation pretty much was dominated by discussions of the race and various aches and pains that had developed over the day! When breakfast was over, some got in their cars and had to drive home, but several of our repeat guests stayed another night and took advantage of the massage studio across the street. They spent the rest of the day relaxing before heading home after one more Barclay Cottage breakfast Monday morning.

Next up - - the 2009 Rock 'n Roll 1/2 Marathon ! We still have one room available for 3 nights over the Labor Day Weekend.

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  1. Hey, ML! Nice post. I guess you post about as often as I do these days. Check out my blog to see where we are and what we are presently doing.

    It must be nice to have guests in these trying economic times. If K and I were still working, I think we would both be concerned about whether or not we would be able to hold onto our jobs.

    Looking forward to your next post.